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Our Asian fusion restaurant in Miami is nothing like you’ve dined at before. We are a premier hot pot Chinese restaurant committed to creating fond memories for everyone who walks through our doors and are committed to creating an exceptional dining experience. We value the opportunity to be a part of the many family’s lives and stories that form a collection of unforgettable memories. As featured in the Eater and Miami Herald as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Miami, our goal is to be your retreat and kitchen away from home.

What Is an Asian Fusion Restaurant?

If this is your first time experiencing an Asian hot pot restaurant in Brickell, FL, you’re in luck! You’ll enjoy our signature dishes like Peking Duck, spicy dry pot, crockpot stewed fish, Izakaya, and our mouthwatering ramen noodles. You’ll notice our menu is steeped in rich cultural and culinary influences of French, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. Asian fusion is a specific type of cuisine that uses several different methods to create Asian-style dishes and ingredients. Our chefs enjoy experimenting with various flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques to create something completely unique and new.

Asian fusion restaurants are not new. They’ve existed since before the 1960s in several countries around the world. It wasn’t until after the 1960s that these types of restaurants became popular in the United States. They’ve become hugely popular and are now a continuously growing trend around the world.

The Best Asian Hot Pot Restaurant in Miami

At Da Tang Zhen Wei, you’ll get a chance to taste traditional and authentic Chinese restaurant favorites and try the new Asian fusion restaurant selections. We are infamous for our signature hot pot menu that features a spicy dry pot. If this is your first time having a hot pot, we invite you to try our Sichuan spicy hot pot featured in the Miami Herald. This boiling pot of bright red, spicy broth combined with mushrooms, vegetables, and raw meat will leave your mouth watering and your stomach wanting more. Our one-of-a-kind dishes are created with fresh ingredients using flavorful recipes in a casual and upscale setting.

We recommend you bring the whole family to enjoy the best Asian hot pot restaurant in Brickell, FL. Our seasoned chefs enjoy combining the authenticity of traditional Chinese food with the exotic flavors of French and Japanese cuisine. We look forward to sharing our culinary traditions with you!

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