About Da Tang Zhen Wei

At Da Tang Zhen Wei, we specialize in providing an immersive and authentic Chinese food experience featuring hot pot Asian cuisine and other signature dishes like our tasty lamb skewers and Peking Duck. Featured in prominent magazines, we are one of the top-rated Chinese hot pot restaurants in Brickell and welcome you to experience it for yourself. Our seasonal selection of high-quality ingredients combined with Chinese, Japanese, and French culinary influences guarantees a hot pot Asian cuisine experience like no other.

When you come, you’ll notice that we pay as much attention to our delicate Asian decor as we do to our authentic Chinese food. Our restaurant name is rooted in rich Asian culture and history. The Chinese word “Zhen” refers to the most delightful and delicious food. The Chinese word “Wei” refers to taste and has two meanings. Wei can be interpreted as good taste but also refers to intricate and special restaurant relationships. These unique interconnections exist in many forms, including between the chefs and the ingredients, the diners and staff, and the food and the diners. The association of these two names elevates Da Tang Zhen Wei to a unique space where customers come to make celebratory and significant memories to last a lifetime. Through our namesake, we strive to provide all who come through our doors with the most delicious and delightful hot pot Asian cuisine experience curated by the staff, chef, and customers.

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Are you ready to try the best Chinese food you’ve ever had? We thought so! We offer easy reservation options for both small and large parties as well as private dining and events. Come celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or life in general.

You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy the best of Asian fusion food in Brickell, FL, and Miami in general. Give us a call for the availability of private spaces to use for presentations, receptions, or business brainstorming. Come in for breakfast or take advantage of our menu for private hire.